Italian language courses


Improve your Italian with our interactive courses!

Do you love reading and watching
Italian TV series?

Italian book

Improve your Italian by reading an Italian novel

Interactive lessons based on Italian contemporary novels.

Read and Learn Italian - Learn Italian with TV series

Practice your listening & speaking

Interactive conversation lessons based on Netflix TV series.

Discover Italian culture by embarking on
an immersive and authentic language journey!

By taking these Italian language courses, you will:

  • continue doing what you love
  • improve your Italian skills
  • immerse yourself in 100% Italian content
  • make your learning journey more enjoyable

Interesting Facts

The power of stories in language learning

Improve your overall language skills without even realising it

When you immerse yourself in a story, you forget that you are studying a language. That helps the learning process!

Develop your vocabulary, especially idioms and expressions

Forget about vocabulary lists that are hard to memorize! By using authentic content, you will learn new words in context, and remember them more easily.

Discover and understand Italian culture

Immerse yourself in the target language and culture to start off on the right foot, and better understand Italian culture and Italians' way of living!

What is my level?

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