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Read and Learn Italian Course FAQ

Most frequent questions and answers

A class normally lasts 60 minutes. I offer a 30- minute trial class. The number of classes needed varies, and is dependent on every student’s level and purposes. I suggest a minimum of one hour per week. 

Italian novels, selected carefully based on their levels, themes, and literary genre, in order to help you better understand the society and culture in Italy today. In the book list, you will find some classics as well as new authors. The list will be updated regularly.

If you would like to read a book that is not listed, contact us and we will see if it is suitable. However, additional fees might apply.

During your one-on-one lesson, you will receive original material tailored to your level. All material is in Italian. Examples of activities and assignments are: comprehension questions concerning the plot; activities about vocabulary, idioms, expressions; review of grammar in an interactive and fun way such as language learning games; various writing assignments and listening activities like songs and videos; insight on cultural and historical facts found in the books.

I always make sure to create interesting, motivating, and entertaining material.

No, you have to purchase the book you choose to read at your own expense. No extracts, summaries, or quotes will be included in the material, in order to respect copyright regulations.

Our Italian language lessons use Italian novels as a learning tool. Students can purchase the novels on IBS or Amazon. During the lessons we will  use the novel as a learning tool and general focal point for student learning, without directly quoting from or reproducing the novel. 

However, all materials provided in the lessons are included in the lesson price, you do not need to buy an additional exercise book.

Taking this class, you will improve all of your language skills. As a qualified teacher, I design lessons that focus on your reading, writing, listening and speaking skills. We also review some grammar rules in a fun and interactive way.

I create materials based on your levels and interests. For example, if you love Italian art or you are preparing for a trip to Italy, I create lessons focusing on this aspect.

You will be surprised to discover how much we can learn from a few pages of a book.

Don’t worry if you are a beginner, you can start with easy readings.

Have a look at my free resource list: you will find some useful resources to help you improve your Italian reading skills.

You can still book a class with me: I will guide you towards your language-learning goal.

You can take a 30-minute first trial class with me where I will evaluate your level. I recommend that you also take free self-assessment tests.

Do not worry, no need to cancel the lesson, just let me know in advance. I will create a different lesson for you about Italian language and culture.

Do you have any other questions?

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