The story behind Read and Learn Italian

The story behind Read & Learn Italian

The power of stories when learning a language

read-in-itaThe story behind learning Italian Hub: a woman reading a book.
Read and Learn Italian

As a teacher, I believe in the power of stories as well as the importance of culture when learning a language. Your learning will be easier when you immerse yourself in a story, identifying with the characters, following their thoughts and actions.

But let’s start from the beginning!

My name is Costanza. I was born and raised in Venice, grew up in a house full of books, and where Christmas gifts consisted of mainly books.

I lived in various countries and cities around the world. Arriving in Canada, I had the opportunity to take an English Language Academic Course. The study program included, among other things, the reading of a novel. My classmates and I were at an intermediate level and aspired to the much-sought advanced level. I remember what our teacher kept telling us: read, read, read.

Reach the next level

Shortly after, one of my Italian students suggested to read with me a novel he had bought in Italy on his latest trip. I created learning material to guide him in his reading. This was the starting point for further research, in-depth study, and interest in teaching Italian through authentic material such as books.

This site is the result of my studies, teaching, and lived experiences. 

Immerse yourself in 100% authentic Italian content!

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Founder & Teacher

I am a native Italian speaker and Italian teacher from the marvelous city of Venice. I love learning languages, discovering different cultures and traveling. I am passionate about sharing knowledge and culture, especially about my areas of expertise: Italian literature, history, cinema and art, from the past to the contemporary years. I speak Italian, French and English.

I am a certified teacher. I obtained a Certificate of Teaching Italian as a Foreign or Second Language as a supplement to my M.A. in History. I have experience in teaching private Italian lessons in-person and online.

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