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Read and Learn Italian

Learn Italian and Discover Italian Culture

Italian books and Venice panorama


Have fun learning Italian with our unique interactive Italian language courses based on novels, movies, TV series, songs and more. Learn by doing and having fun! Dive into 100% authentic Italian content and improve all your language skills! Pronti? Book your free trial class to get started!

Do you want to take your Italian to the next level?

Read and Learn Italian can help you!


Authentic Italian Course [all levels]: learn Italian in an interactive and fun way!
Read and Learn Italian Course [pre-intermediate- advanced levels]: learn Italian by reading a contemporary Italian novel.
Learn Italian with TV series [intermediate levels]: Interactive conversation lessons based on Netflix TV series.


The blog features advice on how to best learn Italian, as well as articles about the Italian language and culture. It will guide you through the discovery of Italy through its many expressions of culture such as cinema, literature, and music.


We will offer you free and updated resources that will help you to dive into the Italian language and culture and improve your overall language skills.


A qualified, professional and dedicated teacher will be there to guide and help you in your Italian language learning adventure. Italian native speaker teacher, born and raised in Italy, Venice, with an M.A. in History with Honours, and a certification in “Teaching Italian as a Second or Foreign Language”.

Why You Should Choose Read and Learn Italian

3 Reasons why Read and Learn Italian
can help you

Read and Learn Italian

Authentic materials

Discover Italian culture

Say goodbye to textbooks! At Read and Learn Italian we base our lessons on authentic Italian content: novels, shorts stories, podcasts, movies, TV series, songs…Improve your Italian while having fun and discovering Italian culture!

Read and Learn Italian


Lessons created for you

At Read and Learn Italian we are learner-centred. As language learners, you have different levels, goals, and interests. Each lesson will be tailored to your needs and interests.

Read and Learn Italian


Learn by doing

Our teacher follows a communicative approach: our lessons are designed to make you practice and improve all your Italian language skills in an interactive way. 

About Read and Learn Italian

Read and Learn Italian
Read and Learn Italian was born with the idea of designing interactive lessons based on authentic materials, such as Italian novels, songs, movies, TV series… Behind the project there is a creative, dedicated and passionate teacher.
Want to know more?

Interesting Facts

Using authentic materials from the real world
is one of the best ways to learn a language

Improve your overall language skills without noticing it.

When you immerse yourself in a story, or you listen to a song, you forget that you are studying a language. That helps the learning process! Exposing learners to the language as it is spoken in the real world increases students’ language proficiency.

Forget about vocabulary lists that are hard to memorize! By using authentic materials, you will learn hundreds of new words in context, remember and recall them, and use them in conversation.

Develop your vocabulary, especially idioms and expressions.

Discover and understand Italian culture.

Immerse yourself in the target language and culture to start off on the right foot, and better understand Italian culture and Italians' way of living!

Read and Learn Italian is
the right place to improve your Italian!


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